Space hotel plans to welcome guests by 2022, for astronomical prices (6 Photos)


Looking for that perfect vacation spot? Somewhere that offers first-rate accommodations and out-of-this-world views? A place where you can take that weight off your shoulders, just sit back, and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset? How about 384 sunrises and sunsets in only 12 days?Welcome to the Aurora Station, billed as the “world’s first luxury hotel in space”.Sounds incredible right… and maybe a bit unbelievable too. Well, as little as a decade ago the idea definitely would have been considered far-fetched, but thanks to companies like Space X figuring out new ways to launch with lower costs and higher efficiency, the idea doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.A space tech startup called Orion Span recently announced plans for this space hotel, expected to launch in 2021 and begin taking visitors in 2022. How much will the 12-day trip run you? A cool $792,000 a night! The company has already started taking deposits, so if you have $9.5 million burning a hole in your pocket, then now’s your chance to jump on board.Aurora Station will host six people at a time, four guests and two crewmembers, orbiting 320 kilometres (200 miles) above Earth’s surface. Completing a full trip around the planet every 90 minutes, you would experience about 16 sunrises and sunsets every day, along with the opportunity to see both the northern and southern auroras.On top of the spectacular views, travellers will experience zero gravity the entire time and be able to roam freely throughout the lavish station. They could also participate in research experiments like growing plants in orbit, something that can be taken home as a souvenir. And of course, the WiFi is included.